WordPress is a great platform for creating sites. There are a few things to note though; it is usually touted as free, which I guess it is, you can install the core WordPress build for nothing at all, just click a button and get it installed on your host server as easy as that. In reality it is akin to a freemium mobile app, core functionality is free but you soon hit annoying limitations and have to pay to upgrade.

Take any free theme you like, you install it and start playing around with it but now you want the logo here, not there like it is dictating. It is not long before you realise you have to pay for the premium version of the theme to get things done.

So you pay up but down the line something else isn’t handled as you would like and the new theme you have just found in the theme library does it so you get that one, upgrade and so on and so forth. You are in the never ending loop of wordpress themery; swapping in and out, upgrading, banging in plug-ins left , right and centre. Then only the premium version of a plug-in will do so you buy that. This is where it pays to get a WordPress developer involved, a good one will ensure you will pay the very least to get the site you want.

It may be that based on your requirements another platform is a better fit, I even have ditched some sites and costs for simple weebly sites ( for instance ) which do the job and I can leave the site owner, with minimal training, to perform editing on their own site without them getting bogged down in WordPress administration.

WordPress sites from scratch

Creation of WordPress sites from scratch, advice on templates and themes and how best to customise a WordPress site dependent on budget.

Maintenance of existing WordPress sites

I can maintain existing WordPress site at a very competitive price.

Refresh a WordPress site

Fed up with the look and feel of your site, I can give it a new look and feel sticking to any budget.

Convert a WordPress site to some other platform

Want to move platforms, no problem. I have moved many WordPress sites over to the Wix platform for instance.

Some example sites