I can create Wix sites from scratch or maintain or update/refresh existing Wix sites. This can be done using classic Wix editor and tools or with the corvid codebase .

I was a very early adopter of the Wix website building platform and have seen it grow quite a bit over the years. It was very basic in its early days, quite cumbersome and tediously slow on mobiles but all this has improved. It is really quite slick compared to something like WordPress and can be used to create really nice looking sites with minimum coding.

You can have nice looking sites on WordPress of course but a lot of things that a Wix subscription package enables out of the box has to be paid individually for WordPress sites and are often quite expensive items which need constant updating. Sometimes your site would just break after an update, possibly the plugin gone south or a clash with another plugin. I’ve had plugins and themes that have been forgotten about by the authors and stopped working with updates to WordPress.

You don’t have to worry with Wix, it’s in a very controlled environment and I have never had a major issue with a Wix site because of this.

A big plus for me is on the coding size ( javascript/node) , this was called Wix code initially and then called Corvid, unfortunately a little too closely named to Covid ( coronavirus ). In its latest reincarnation it is now known as Velo. You don’t even have to use the Wix editor, you can just create the site with Velo all driven from a database.

If you are used to WordPress and the myriad of plugins that do almost everything you can think of, Wix is a little disappointing, there are a lot less plugins available and the quality is not consistent. This is why Corvid is important as you can write your own custom code, for example I wrote some code to integrate the V12 finance package with the Wix environment as V12 did not have a plug in for Wix even though they did for most other platforms.

The electric bike world website, powered by Wix.
Custom V12 finance code using Corvid

Wix also has an ecommerce option with the usual tools allowing you to set up an online store fairly easily.

A music store, using Wix stores.

So If I can help in any way with a Wix solution, please get in touch.